Web Designer &
Social Media Manager

I help you build and consolidate
your presence on the web

Websites are not dead!

Social Media is not everything!
If you’re hoping that your customers discovers you through a search engine, you need a website.
Optimization and SEO are surely keywords, but they are not enough: a great design is essential. The preliminary phase of analysis and design is a fundamental requirement to have a website coherent with your brand, and this drives your target customers to the right navigation.
Further, quality result must be fast, usable, and responsive.

web design
social media

Quality content,
not quantity of followers

To have thousands of followers doesn’t count anymore, it’s only a vanity metric. A social profile is effective when it constantly engages the audience. Firstly, it’s essential to know your target audience’s habits, and necessities, to define the most suitable tone of voice, and to define the marketing strategy that aims to solve their problems and needs.
Social Media are the means by which you can attract your audience and convert them into prospective clients.


Marketing is no longer about
the stuff that you make,
but about the stories you tell.

Seth Godin

What I can do for you?

I help you identify your strengths, to define your audience, and
to study the strategy most effective in order to reach your goals.

Website design

I create websites for companies or entrepreneurs using the most popular CMS (e.g. WordPress). I tend to websites in every graphic and technical detail, to ensure that it is optimized, user friendly and coherent with your brand.
I work on the creation and management of newsletters.

Social profiles management

From studying the target customer to the tone of voice, I develop the publishing plan with the aim to grow the brand awareness of the followers and attract new public through the production of quality content. I offer ideas for advertising campaigns skewed to the promotion of new products and to enhance the visibility of the profile.

Marketing consultancy

I offer consultation for the creation of a dedicated marketing strategy aimed at improving your online ranking by choosing the right communication channels.

How I do it

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Let me introduce myself

My names is Nadia Di Schino and I’m a curious and tireless traveler.
I have worked in the IT sector for more than 10 years as an IT consultant and recently as a digital nomad.
My passion for innovation and creativity has always driven me to seek new ideas, and I’ve reached a point where now, even the simple daily moments inspire my work.
I consider myself flexible and dynamic while also a borderline perfectionist: beyond client satisfaction, I strive to ensure that my work exceeds my standards.
Maybe you are wondering: “Is Nadia the best suited for what I’m looking for?”.
If you are looking for a sincere professional who cares about her work and strives to go above and beyond, then I’m the right person for the job.

nadia di schino